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For diplomats and private customers

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We are sincere with our clients and would never ask for a group photo shoot. Not only is it inappropriate, but above all it is highly unprofessional. The faces you see above can be bought by anyone for a one-off fee at any photo agency. All that is missing is to add a typical Czech name and one superlative after another. These kinds of misleading reviews are beneath us.

When you compare our service offer with the others, take a while to ponder their references. Do you really trust them? Then again, why rely on us?

Accredited journalists and diplomats

We can certifiably boast that we have successfully provided transport for accredited journalists during the launch of the latest Porsches. Similarly, we see no reason to hide the fact that we have transported diplomats to various unnamed events. We have been trusted by truly large companies, both private and public.

#1 Privacy and discretion

Whether providing transport for diplomats, company reps or wedding guests, we guarantee complete discretion. We respect our clients’ privacy and never mention them by name. No fear of photos, videos or bragging on social media from us.

#2 High-end fleet

Our website showcases the vehicles we actually drive for our clients. We don't download promotional material from car companies, nor do we pilfer photos from catalogues and magazines. This is why our clients trust us.

#3 Professional drivers

Our clients’ safety and comfort are ensured by trained drivers. The right attire, a pleasant demeanor, complete commitment to dealing with customer requests and language skills all come as standard. Our entire team will make sure you are completely satisfied.


Calculation / orders

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