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Passenger transport for events

Looking for a partner who can provide professional transportation for your event? Do you want to put your employees or business partners in the hands of the very best? Allow us to introduce ourUPPER CLASS services, which are among the best to be had in the Czech Republic.

A prestigious fleet of vehicles

Transporting more people
Transporting more people
Transporting more people
Transporting more people
Transporting more people
Transporting more people
Transporting more people

Thanks to our extensive vehicle fleet, we can provide high-end transport for large numbers of people. Entrust the success of your event to the best.

Superior services

UPPER CLASS doesn’t seek to replace taxi companies or the usual carriers, where customers are looking for a good balance between service and price. We can give our customers the assurance that they are ordering the best that the Czech market can offer. Your employees and business partners will highly appreciate the services we provide!

Comfort and safety

Our minibuses are equipped to the highest standards, they have variable seat mounting, which means we can prepare the van exactly according to your requirements. We can set the seats so the wedding guests are sitting opposite one another (3 seats in the direction of travel and 2 in the opposite direction) or all seats in the direction of travel. It’s entirely up to you.

eventová přeprava

eventová přeprava

Trouble-free event transport

When working together with UPPER CLASS, you can rest assured that there won’t be any worries about accidental complications that might mar your event. Our company has a sufficiently large fleet of vehicles and drivers to be able to respond to any complex situations that arise in a timely manner. We would never allow our clients to be in an uncomfortable situation, which is why we guarantee complete satisfaction.

Plenty of room

The minibuses are also a great way to transport luggage.

Easy boarding

It’s a breeze to get on and off our minibuses.

Luxury Porsches

At UPPER CLASS we are ready to meet even the highest objectives. Do you want to make a great impression on your business partner? Why not treat them to a personal chauffeur in a luxury Porsche Cayenne?

eventová přeprava osob

eventová přeprava osob

How much does event transportation cost?

We are more than happy to provide you with an exact price quote after obtaining more detailed information. Although you will find an indicative price list on our website, we will need to know how many vehicles and personal drivers will be necessary to transport for event to and fro, how long they will be at your disposal and, of course, any other special requirements.


Calculation / orders

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